Floral Dog II MagSafe Wallet- White


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Make your phone love you even more with the Floral Dog II MagSafe Wallet! This purse-pleasing accessory is compatible with MagSafe enabled iPhones or with a MagSafe Case, and comes with some stunning artwork, plus the capacity to hold up to two cards. Place the wallet over the back of your phone and you're ready to rock and roll. No more crazy pocket bulge or searching for your cards; now, you can flaunt your phone and your cards in one fell swoop!

 MagSafe Wallet Features

  •  Slim, lightweight, holds up to 2 cards
  • Compatible with MagSafe enabled iPhone
  • Must be used on the bare device or with a MagSafe Phone Case
  • Strong internal magnet ensures secure connection, keeping your wallet firmly in place while allowing for easy detachment